First employer prosecuted for wilful non-compliance

The Pensions regulator has published details of a recent case, where a company and its director has been prosecuted for deliberately avoiding their Automatic Enrolment duties.

They are accused of deliberately not putting 36 of their staff into a workplace pension. The company has been summoned to appear in court in October 2017, Where they will face eight charges of wilfully failing to comply with the company’s duties.

A fixed penalty notice may be issued by The Pensions Regulator if you don’t comply with statutory notices. This is fixed at £400 and payable within a specific period. They can sometimes issue a fixed penalty without having first issued a statutory notice.

They can also issue an escalating penalty notice for failure to comply with a statutory notice. This penalty has a prescribed rate of £50 to £10,000 per day depending on the number of staff your client has.

They can also issue a civil penalty for cases where you fail to pay contributions that are due. This is a financial penalty of up to £5,000 for individuals and up to £50,000 for organisations.

Here at Mr Tax we provide pensions set-up and full Auto-Enrolment to ensure compliance and legal obligations are met.

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There is also lots of help and advice on the Pension Regulator’s website.